Which Website is best for buying clothes in India ?

which website is best for buying clothes in India
which website is best for buying clothes in India

Some Best Online Shopping sites for clothes in India are Amazon, Myntra, Shein, Club Factory, Flipkart, Ajio and Koovs. But I am going to show you Which Website is best for buying clothes in India among all of these.

Benchmarks to test Which Website is best for buying clothes in India ?

Benchmarks that we are going to use one of the best website for buying clothes in India are listed below.

  1. Variety of Clothes for both men and women.
  2. Price on each website for common clothes like jeans(bottom wear) for both men and women.
  3. Delivery Time.
  4. Which website is more User Friendly for Customers.
  5. Warranty, Returns and Trials.
  6. Quality of clothes through Customer Reviews on these websites.

So, Let us start with the first benchmark.

Variety of Clothes for both men and women.

So, We are going to check variety of shirts, Trousers and Jeans for men, and Suits, Trousers, and Tops for women.

Firstly, We are going to start with Myntra Online Shopping website and App.

1. Myntra

We Will look for Trousers, Jeans and Shirts on Myntra.

Trousers for men and women on Myntra

I searched on Myntra Online Shopping site for Trousers. I got 7297 results for trousers under Trousers for women category. For men, I got 13564 results under Trousers for men Category. For Boys, it showed 1627 results under trouser’s category.

All of them were very stylish, Classy and with a lot of variety. I have researched in past on trouser for myself and Myntra was best in variety and quality.

Jeans and Shirts on Myntra
  • Jeans For Men – 20,000 Results with a lot of variety.
  • Jeans For Women – 10,048 results with a lot of variety in colours, designs and styles with good quality.
  • For Boys(Jeans) – 1544 Results.
  • Shirts for Men – 63,000 | T-shirts for men – 6705 | Shirts Boys – 5700
  • Shirts for

2. Amazon

Same with Amazon we are going to search and look for Trousers, Shirts, T-shirts and for women. This time it will be short and descriptive for you.

Variety of Trousers, Shirts, Jeans, T-Shirts and Suits on Amazon for men and women

So, My Rating to Amazon in Variety is 8.0

3. Flipkart, Shein, Koovs, Club Factory and AJIO

Now, On the basis of ratings for easiness. I will tell you which of these site is good for variety of clothes. So, You can guess yourself Which Website is best for buying clothes in India ?

These Review Rating is mainly based on variety of clothes. Specially in design and patterns.

Club factory7.56.06.75
Review Rating of clothes on Flipkart, Shein, Koovs, Club factory and Ajio sites

So, We have got an Idea of which shopping site in India has the best variety of clothes.

Price – Which Online Shopping website is Cheaper in India ?

So, moving on to the next benchmark – price. To determine which website is best for buying clothes in India.

The Price is shown in three categories costly, Average and Cheap. Trousers, Jeans and Shirts are taken into account.

SitesPrice Rating (Cheap)
Club FactoryCostly6.0
Which Online shopping site is cheaper – Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Shein, Koovs, Club Factory, Ajio

So, Amazon and Flipkart are cheap in price compared to other Online shopping sites and apps in India.

Delivery Time – Which online shopping site has the fastest delivery in India ?

We all know Amazon and Flipkart are best in fastest delivery. Now we are going to compare all the online shopping sites for their delivery time.

SitesDelivery TimeFast Delivery/Extra chargesRating*/10
Amazon 2-3 Days1Day/99 INR8.0*
Flipkart 2-3 DaysSame Day/200 INR9.0*
Myntra3-7 Days1 Day/49INR6.0*
Shein7-14 Days2-4 Days/350 INR2.5*
Koovs3-5 DayssNo2.0*
Club Factory8-20 DaysNo1.5*
AJIO2-5 DaysNo5.5*
Normal and express(Fast) Delivery Time and Charges of Online Shopping Sites Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Shein, Koovs, Club Fatory, Ajio.

Note* – Shein, Koovs and Club Factory are very bad at returns. So, Be sure before buying to them.

All of these Online shopping sites in India deliver free on orders above a certain price. Orders below a certain price charged with standard delivery charges. The Rating is based on all these points.

User Friendly – Easy to use Online Shopping Sites in India

User Friendly website are those sites which are easy to use. Customers bounce back if a site is confusing them. There are certain points that define easy to use shopping sites and apps.

  • Easy to navigate.
  • Faster Load time.
  • Easy to find a thing (specifications- filters).
  • Easy to order and use coupons.
SitesUser Friendly Rating*
Club Factory5.5*
User-friendly Ratings to Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, AJIO, Club Factory, Koovs, Shein.

Warranty, Returns, Exchange, Try and Buy – Which Website is best for buying clothes in India ?

Warranty, Return Policy are two important things while shopping online. Try and Buy service is only provided by Myntra making it more reliable for buying clothes. Other Sites don’t provide this service.

Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and Ajio Are best in terms of Returns and Exchange. Other sites fail due to their delivery time.

I choose Myntra because it provides Try and Buy option. They come at your house and let you try the dress. If it feels good you buy it. So there will be no problem of warranty, exchange and returns.

Note* – Manufacturer Warranties are dealt by manufacturer service centers.

Quality – Which Website is best for buying clothes in India ?

Quality of clothes is the first thing for customer satisfaction. In Quality Myntra, Club Factory and Flipkart are best. Amazon and others have average quality of clothes.

If your main focus is on quality of clothes go for Myntra and Club Factory. But Club Factory is too costly.

Conclusion – Which Website is best for buying clothes in India ?

Myntra is my choice it is best in quality and fair in price. After Myntra, Flipkart is also good in quality and price.

So, Which Website is best for buying clothes in India on the basis of quality, Price, delivery time and easy returns. These are best 4 sites for buying clothes in India.

1. Myntra

Myntra is best for buying clothes in India. It provides the best quality, Easy returns, Try and Buy service.

2. Flipkart

Flipkart has Good Quality of clothes, One day fast delivery, Fair Price, Easy return policy.

3. Amazon

Amazon has Fast Delivery, a lot of variety in clothes, Average in quality of clothes, Cheap Price rates, Easy returns.


AJIO is new in shopping of clothes market but it is reliable. Good delivery time, average price, Good in quality of clothes, Easy returns.

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