Primobolan: Post-cycle therapy

When Methenolone Enanthate and all anabolic steroids are discontinued, the natural production of testosterone begins on its own. In fact, it is one of the easiest steroids to recover from. However, most are encouraged to implement a post-cyclic treatment (PCT) plan. A PCT plan will shorten your overall recovery time and make you healthier. This plan alone will not restore your testosterone levels to normal, it will still take some time, but it can significantly reduce your recovery time. More importantly, it ensures that you have enough testosterone for your body to function properly, while its levels naturally increase.

What is PCT?

Post-cycle therapy is the process of normalizing the production of LH, FSH and testosterone. It should also include measures to cleanse the blood and normalize the liver. The acronym “PKT” can often be seen on steroid forums.

Many believe that after this procedure the body will fully recover, so you can safely start taking steroids without further thought, others do not understand the meaning at all. The use of drugs to restore the proper functioning of the body is necessary only in the presence of appropriate abnormalities.

What does PCT provide?

The main function of post cycle treatment is to stimulate the secretion of natural testosterone after a course of steroids, as well as to increase the general tone of the body. It is very important to understand that there are no medications that will completely restore the hormone levels that existed before steroids were used.

In addition, if the consumption is done incorrectly and the doses are not respected, the state of the hypothalamus is altered, which is very difficult to restore. If everything is done correctly and the athlete follows the recommendations, recovery will be many times faster.

Proper production of LH and FSH affects testicular stimulation and leads to normalization of testosterone. If you do not use PCT, normalization of hormone production can take a long time, even a year. This is a great stress for the body, plus negative reactions and major health problems can occur.

Post-cycle treatment significantly speeds up the body’s recovery process after exposure to steroids. Therefore, it is very important to use the proper pharmacology to return the initial levels of hormones to their previous levels.

What are the types of PCTs?

There are several types of PCT, depending on the complexity of the AAS courses. The list includes:

Very light therapy after a cycle. It is used with mild steroids including Turbinate, Oxandrolone, and others. At the same time, the reception should not exceed six weeks. The composition of PCT comprises the administration of Clomid at a dose of 25 mg every other day for two weeks or the administration of trilubus in an amount of 500 to 1000 mg from the third day of PCT and for one more month. The complex is also supplemented with aspartic acid. Long-term use of Clomid is not necessary, since gonadotropin levels are slightly reduced after such courses.

Light. It is used when using methane or stanozolol for six weeks. Clomid is then given at a dose of 25 mg every day for a month. If necessary, Trilubus can be used at your own discretion.

Medium. It is administered after a short, long and short cycle of testosterone solosterone with light steroid tablets, Stanozolol or Methane in a single version for more than eight weeks. Clomid is taken as 50 mg every day for a month. Also, the dose is reduced to 25 mg every day for the next month. Tribulus 1000 mg is added to the complex on the day of stopping treatment. When using propionate, drugs to restore testosterone production will start in four days.

Complex. It is used at the end of courses lasting more than 12 weeks. In this case, long types of testosterone tablets and esters, short testosterone tablets and esters, testosterone in combination with nadrolone or trenbolone, various types of androgen combinations, as well as oxymethalone regimens were used. Under these conditions, Clomid is used in the amount of 100 mg for two weeks, then the dose is reduced to 50 mg and used for a month. Then increase the dose to 25 mg and take it for another month. When the course is ready, from the sixth to the ninth week, gonadotropin is administered as an injection of 500 IU twice a week. If the course ends unexpectedly, use a dose of 1000 IU twice a week for two weeks. It is also necessary to give testosterone injections and cancel after a month. You can then use a light PCT.

Very hard. It is used in some cases when long forms of trenbolone or nandrolone ester as well as testosterone with tablets have been used for 12 weeks. Also with an anadrol regimen and any testosterone solo course lasting 13-16 weeks. Treatment is as follows: At the end of six weeks, 500 IU hCG is started twice a week. It will then be canceled three weeks before the end of the course. If your course includes trenbolone or nandrolone, you should take hCG at a dosage of 500 IU twice a week.

Then stop taking it three weeks before stopping your steroids. At the end of the program, Clomid is used at a dose of 150 mg for five days, then reduced to 100 mg for two weeks and 25 mg for another month. It is also recommended to take Trilubus 1000 mg daily, supplementing PCT with vitamin E and omega 3-6.

The nuances of using Primobolan

Primobolan is one of the most effective drugs, which, when used correctly, allows you to get beautiful, sporty and fit muscles and ensures high-quality weight gain. Due to the high effectiveness of this steroid, it is necessary to consult a specialist. The usual duration of the course should not exceed 6-8 weeks, the weekly dose should not exceed 400 mg. After the course of treatment, the treatment is given 3 weeks after the last injection.

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