Primobolan: combination with other drugs

Primobolan is an oral anabolic steroid that is simply unique compared to other anabolic drugs. Before starting the detailed history of this steroid, it is necessary to understand how it differs from Primobolan Depot. This medicine is an injectable version of a hormone that contains an enanthate ester. Primobolan has a similar structure, but is based on the hormone Methenolone in combination with an acetate ester. This formula allows you to take the medication orally.

Primobolan for oral use

The acetate ester binds to oral primobolane. Unlike most oral steroids, Primobolan does not have c17-alpha (17aa) alkylation. Instead, an acetate ester is attached to the 17-beta-hydroxyl group (17bg), which should protect the active ingredient from liver processing and other metabolic processes.

Therefore, Primobolan is not hepatotoxic. However, group 17bg does not have the same protection against liver damage as group 17aa. After that, only a part of the active substance enters the bloodstream, which requires high doses of oral primobolan to achieve visible results.

Primobolan course

Primobolan cycle is more appropriate during cutting cycle to maintain muscles and provide relief.
The mild effect of the drug requires a longer course of treatment (up to 8 weeks), but the risk of side effects increases with the longer duration of Primobolan treatment.
The oral dose of Primobolan is 50 to 100 mg daily. 2-3 days after the end of the intake, the treatment begins after the course.
The dosage of Primobolan Depot is 400 mg once a week. 3 weeks after the last injection, post-cycle treatment is started.
Before starting the course, a medical consultation is necessary to rule out contraindications.

Combined courses

Due to the rather weak anabolic effect of Methenolone (which is slightly less capable of gaining weight than Nandrolone), it is often combined with other drugs. Primobolan is best combined with:

  • Nandrolone: ​​to build muscle mass (one of the safest cycles, with good weight retention)
  • Testosterone – for building muscle mass
  • Anadrol – to build muscle mass
  • Methandrostenolone: ​​to increase muscle mass
  • Winstrol – to dry

Do not add more than one drug to the combination regimen. Use both doses of the steroid at the (recommended) dose; this will reduce the frequency of side effects of each medication and increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

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