Grow Taller – How To Increase Height – 4 Best Ways to Increase height

Grow Taller - How To Increase Height - 4 Best Ways to Increase height
Grow Taller – How To Increase Height – 4 Best Ways to Increase height

How to Increase Height? – I am 5 feet 11 inches tall and increasing height was not easy forme. A taller height is very essential for everyone these days. Somepeople are tall by itself because of their genes. So, If you want toincrease your height here I am. I will tell you some best ways toincrease height. Firstly, You Should know that our height depends onthree factors.

Three Main factors on which our heightdepends.

  1. Height of our Mother and Father.
  2. Nutrition we gettill age of 18(for both boys and females).
  3. Physical factors –Exercises and daily life physical activities like playingetc.

So, I was not used to be taller in my school days but I keptworking on my height and at the age of 21 I attained my maximum 5feet (ca. 152 cm) and 11inches (ca. 28 cm) height.

Now, I am going to tell you the 4 Best ways to increase heightwhile you still can otherwise it will be too hard if you once passthe age of 21(male) and 18(females). These 4 best ways to increaseheight are for both males and females.

4 Best ways to Increase Height

  1. Proper Diet to increase height and growtaller.
  2. Increase Physical Activities toincrease height.
  3. Swimming, Cycling and BarHanging are Best for Increasing height.
  4. Yogaand Enough Sleep helps to grow taller.

Proper Diet is Best to growTaller.

Proper diet is thebest way to grow taller specially for teenagers. If you are olderthan 18 years then nutrient rich diet is very important for you toincrease your height.

Proper diet and Nutrition for Teenagers to IncreaseHeight.

Before 16-17 years of age I was too lazy to eat food. I neitherate breakfast before going to school nor bring lunch in school. So,My height growth was too slow compared to my friends in my highschool days. So, It is very important for you to eat a lot as you canin your school days or teenage.

Your body grows and height increases rapidly between Ageof 12-18 if you take proper diet. So, This is the best time periodfor taking proper diet in Children and teenagers to increaseheight. Below are some best food for proper nutrition toincrease height.

What should I eat to increase height?

  • Eat a lot of Meat, Chicken, Egg and Fish in yourdaily meals to increase height fast.
  • Eat alot of Paneer and Dairy Products.
  • InMorning, drink milk with overnight soaked peeled off Almonds andother dry fruits.
  • In Night before sleeping,Drink Milk with saffron mixed in it.
  • Eatovernight soaked Soybeans most rich in protein and best forincreasing height and body growth.

Proper diet and Nutrition after age of 18 to IncreaseHeight.

After 18 years of age our bones become hard and rate of heightincrease almost ends in females and started decreasing in males. SoIf you have passed this age you should take proper diet rich withessential nutrients. There are some points you should keep in yourmind for better height growth.

  • Eat morning and evening meal after doing some exercises andworkout.
  • Take a proper sleep of 8-10 hours because our bodygrows when we are sleeping.
  • Avoid heavyweightlifting.
  • Keep your posture straight everytime.

Increase PhysicalActivities.

This is the second important thing to increase height fast. YouShould Increase your daily life physical activities like joining acricket or sports coaching academy after school or in your free time.This will benefit you a lot in increasing your height rapidly.

  • Join every sport’s event or sport practices in yourschool.
  • Join any Sports academies of cricket, badminton,taekwondo, football, hockey, etc. So, There will be a lot of dailyphysical activities like running, jumping, stretchingetc.
  • You can also join gym but avoid weightlifting at allcost because it will harden your bones which will be bad for yourheight growth.
  • Play basket ball, volleyball and badminton.It tremendously helps in increasing height.

Swimming, Cycling and BarHanging.

So, Swimming, Cycling and Bar hanging are some of the best ways toincrease height. You will see swimmers and cyclers have a tallheight. So, Just occupy some time daily for it if you can.

Swimming helps in Increasing Height

For swimming, You should join swimming classes because it is oneof the best ways to increase height.

Cycling is best for increasing height.

Cycling can be done easily by going to school with your bicycle.Furthermore, Whenever you go outside to play, friends house, coachingjust use your bicycle it will be enough for you to increase yourheight.

Bar Hanging to Increase Height

So, Bar hanging helps a lot in increasing height. You shouldarrange a hanging bar in your home near gate or in garden. Wheneveryou pass through there just hang for 2-4 minutes every time. It willbe best if you do bar hanging 30 minutes daily to increase yourheight.

Yoga and Enough Sleep

How to increase height, the answer is yoga and taking enoughsleep. Yoga keeps your body growing and fit. Our body grows when weare sleeping. You have seen that how little kids sleep all the timeand grow faster. So, sleeping is very important.

Yoga Exercises to IncreaseHeight

So, Yoga is one of the efficient and best ways to increase height.There are some best yoga exercises that helps to stretch your body forincreasing height.

  • Lean against a wall upside down. Rest your head downward onfloor and leg upwards. Try to stretch up your legs and keep theposture for 10 minutes. Do 3 sets of this daily in themorning.
  • Sit down and stretch your legs forward. After that,rise your hands upwards. Now, Slowly lean and move your head andhands forward. Try to touch your forehead on knees, And touch yourtoes with fingertips.

Enough Sleep helps toincrease height.

So, taking enough sleep is one of the other best ways to increaseheight. Try to sleep for 8-10 hours every night. Do not get used towaking up late at night. Sleep early at night properly with straightposture and stretching your legs forward.

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